Many senior adults choose to move to a retirement community on their own. But sometimes seniors can’t see the benefits a retirement community has to offer. You may think moving to a retirement community is the right choice for your parents, but what do you do if they don’t agree? Retirement communities offer seniors many social, psychological, and physical health benefits they may not have access to in their current community. Here are a few tips for discussing these benefits with your parents. 

A Strong Relationship Is Key to Any Tough Conversation 

If you already have a strong relationship with your parents, then it will probably be easier for you to bring up the topic of considering a retirement community. But if you have a difficult history and strained relationships with your parents, they may not take well to any suggestions of change. The key is to build a strong relationship, so your parents know your recommendation is being made out of love and care. Building a strong relationship doesn’t have to be difficult, it simply requires time and effort. Show your parents you care by communicating with them regularly. Start off with topics that aren’t going to cause issues – such as discussing things they enjoy about their life or sharing pictures and information about your family with them. 

Once your relationship is strong enough to discuss the topic of moving, you also need to ensure you have a good understanding of their needs and goals. When you know the vision your parents have for their retirement, you can discuss how a retirement community can help them accomplish that vision. Discussing benefits the community has to offer that has nothing to do with your parents vision will only make them think moving isn’t right for them. So make sure you know exactly how each available amenity will benefit them directly!  

Make Sure Your Parents Know a Retirement Community Is Not a Nursing Home 

If you bring up the topic of a retirement community and your parents cringe, they probably have a vision in their mind that isn’t true. Many people associate retirement communities with nursing homes. It is important your parents know the difference when you are discussing a move. No one particularly wants to move to a nursing home. But who wouldn’t want to live in a resort-style community developed around their social, physical, and lifestyle needs? This is what a retirement community is! A retirement community provides all the benefits of a luxury community while also providing access to healthcare when needed. Residents are able to continue to live completely independent lives, with the assurance that care is available if they need it. 

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