June Thrash has been part of the Mease Life community since 2009 — a place where close friends have become family, along with a maintenance-free lifestyle she loves, a social environment she fully embraces, and a wellness program that keeps her active.

When talking about the new Aquatic Center and all the benefits it brings to residents, it’s hard for June to not be excited: “I think it’s wonderful!” She laughs when talking about how she’s a proud member of the “walking club on land and sea,” and also is grateful to the wellness team for providing opportunities for fitness in fun ways.

June has been part of the walking club for three-and-a-half years, which she says is full of camaraderie among fellow walkers who enjoy exploring Dunedin for short and long walks. With the opening of the Aquatic Center, she’s now also a member of the water walking club.

“I love it,” June says. “It’s much easier on my knees, and I can notice the difference in the texture of what I’m walking on. Since the pool has been opened, I’ve been in it every day — sometimes twice a day!”