Today our community unveiled a new name and logo: Mease Manor is now Mease Life.  Mease Life’s CEO, Kent McRae explains, “The word ‘Life’ shows that the community is about much more than care.  It is also about living your life to the fullest, to get out and move and engage in exciting activities, within this community, the external community of Dunedin, and beyond.  McRae continues, “Our new logo represents a unique rendering of the native mangrove tree that plays an integral role in our local ecosystem, embracing its symbiotic relationship with the natural surroundings.  The dynamic colors represent diversity and inclusion, and reflect the active lifestyle cherished by our community.”

A new tagline Connect. Grow. Thrive. will accompany the community’s new name and logo.  McRae also shares, “The tagline is based on identifying what each individual needs and what Mease Life provides (connections), the benefit that comes to the individual that need is fulfilled (growth), and the lifestyle outcome desired by our community of residents (thriving).”