The leadership team at our community believes celebrating success is key to having a good work culture and encourages teamwork. In that vein, Mease Life recently noted the accomplishment by the marketing and sales team to hit its occupancy goal of 85 percent for the fourth quarter in Independent Living.

The team of (photographed from left to right) Casey Gonzales, Elaine Hanrahan, Ashleigh Masi and Sheree Broadhurst hit 86 percent. The growth was a 6 percent increase from the third quarter.

“This team has surpassed every goal set in front of them. I am so proud of their success! The growth in the community is amazing! I look forward to seeing what they will accomplish next,” said Sheree Broadhurst, vice president of marketing and business development.

Sheree joined the Mease Life team in spring of 2021 and has also helped the community hit record sales with 16 in one month and also go from 61 percent to 81 percent early on in her tenure.