Be active, be engaged, be well

At Mease Life, we put a strong emphasis on helping residents stay well in mind, body, and spirit. Successful aging is an ongoing lifestyle at our community, which requires taking personal responsibility and making healthy choices with these goals in mind:

Being free of diseases or symptoms of disabilities
Maximizing cognitive and physical potential
Engaging life through social interaction and meaningful activities

With our dedicated team, wonderful activities, and 6,000-square-foot state-of-the-art Wellness Center, in one visit, you’ll see why our lifestyle standard helps residents engage in healthy, vibrant living.

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

The lifestyle at Mease Life is all about successful aging. We believe that the seven dimensions of wellness — physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, and environmental — together make each of us unique. We believe that residents and health providers should work collaboratively to create a wellness program that meets individual health needs and achieves wholeness in each person.

Our integrative approach to wellness acknowledges the strengths and challenges of each resident’s lifestyle habits and provides encouragement to develop a strategy for living healthier. Research supports the fact that healthy lifestyle choices play a crucial role in promoting well-being. Therefore, we believe that an active pursuit of these choices will lead to a path of successful aging. One key goal of our wellness program is to support each resident in creating good habits that provide motivation and inspiration to allow healthy change to come naturally.

Mease Lifestyle Wellness

Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness classes are available five days a week that accommodate all levels of care, and include instructor-led yoga, stretching courses, balance training, and more! Plus, enjoy our massage therapy suite as well as access to our health and wellness library, information center, and juice bar.

Educational Series

Nutritional and medical educational seminars offer relevant content and discussion about a variety of subjects, including alternative medicine, overall health and wellness, and pharmaceutical education.

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