Tah’ree Bailey is a young man whose sincere work ethic and innovative knack for photography caught the attention of residents and staff at Mease Life when he joined the food and beverage team nearly two years ago. As a stand-out server in the main dining room for independent living, Tah’ree brings joy, passion, and excellence to his job every day.

For the 19-year-old, it’s a job that is so much more than bringing residents their favorite meals — it’s a rewarding opportunity to engage in rich conversation with some of the wisest people he’s ever met.

“I enjoy talking to the residents and spending time with them,” Tah’ree says. “They’re genuinely good people to be around, and they have a lot of wisdom. I would say the residents are the best part about working here.”

The unique relationship developed with residents also has garnered Tah’ree impressive recognition as one of three recipients of the 2021 Mease Life Resident Supported Scholarship Fund. Currently a freshman at Pasco-Hernando State College with a major in business and finance/marketing, he is grateful for the scholarship to help support his academic pursuits.

“The scholarship made me feel appreciated,” Tah’ree says. “It made me feel loved by the residents — like they really cared.”

When he’s not working at Mease Life, Tah’ree enjoys building his side business, Glacierphotography, which specializes in aerial photography via a professional drone. One of his fondest memories from childhood is getting a drone for Christmas and flying it around the neighborhood.

Although the flying aspect was his favorite part, Tah’ree experimented with the camera over the years and discovered he had quite the talent for capturing stunning photos and videos from different angles. This talent also captured the attention of Mease Life staff when he was hired to take aerial shots of the Life Plan Community.

“I like flying my drone through tight spaces or fly really fast in various areas,” Tah’ree says. “It gives you a different view of how things look from different angles and heights. I enjoy it a lot.”