Want to know one of the most popular fitness machines at Mease Life?  It’s the Power Plate, a vibrating platform that stimulates the natural reflexive responses to engage muscles in a consistent and controlled manner.

“The Power Plate has been a great addition to the many offerings for our residents at Mease Life,” says Trina Theodorovich, Director of Wellness.  “They love it.  It’s a great way to experience a complete workout with many residents saying their flexibility and balance has improved by using the Power Plate.”

What senior doesn’t want to improve balance and coordination?

“This is our number one machine.  Every resident starts at a low power and low speed graduating to a medium speed and elevates to a high speed.  Most of our residents are at the high speed,” shares Trina.  “The Power Plate also helps with neuropathy, circulation of the legs, arthritis of the hands and even rheumatoid arthritis.  I love the fact that it changes lives of our residents.”

We invite you to come see the Power Plate in action.